Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A regular visit..

It’s 6 month since I’ve last had something to blog about, but I guess not a lot has happened during that time. Surgery-wise at the moment is still a waiting game, any day now my date could come with Mr Posty man through my letter box, but until then, I’ve been visiting my orthodontist every 6-8 weeks just for general check ups!
So yesterday (9th October 2012), I went to see my orthodontist as I usually do, just for him to change my bands and make sure that I was doing ok in general.  As soon as I walked in his face lit up, he asked me if I’d had my date yet and how excited he was to see my finished results. As always, I answered with my ‘no date yet’ and I thought that was that. HOWEVER, his assistant (Dental nurse? Whatever she is) whilst I was being seen by my orthodontist went into another room to print a spreadsheet off. She then came back into the room and started talking about something that I assumed was ‘dental banter,’ until I realised that they were telling me how many people was on the  op list - there was 1, 2, 3 and then me. They both looked at me, grinning down at me while I was lieing in that stupid chair, telling me that I was 4th on the operation list. I cannot contain my excitement now, as I’ve never been told how close I was, and I certainly didn’t expect to be this close! I had the biggest smile on my face imaginable!  Obviously, this is subject to change as you never know what emergencies may crop up, but non-emergency, maxillofacial wise, I AM 4TH ON THE LIST. (Still excited, can you tell?) My orthodontist made me another appointment for the 4th of December, and said that hopefully, by then, I will have received my date! Fingers crossed!!!