For me personally, I was the most unorganized person ever when it came to supplies ready for my stay in hospital and post-op care. I had no idea what to buy or what I even needed. Although other people undergoing jaw surgery helped me as much as they could; I found most of my supplies by trial and error. A few people have started to ask me what they need to take with them into hospital, or what they need for their post-op care, Here's what I used. If you think of anything to add, feel free to comment!

  • Eating:
    • Syringes - your ward should provide plenty of these
    • Osteotomy bottle (bottle with large thin straw on the end which you can squeeze to get liquids into your mouth) - again, this was provided by the ward.
    • Protein Shakes, Ensure Drinks - Anything that will give you extra calorie intake whilst you're on liquids. They don't taste all that great, but your body needs the energy!
  • Wash stuff:
    • Shampoo and dry shampoo. (Post-op you don't feel like washing your hair!)
    • Conditioner
    • Shower gel
    • Deodorant. 
    • Towels and flannels.
  • Teeth Cleaning: 
    • A baby toothbrush and baby toothpaste - However, use your normal toothpaste as soon as possible post-op, as baby toothpaste doesn't clean as well as ordinary would.
    • Toothbrush holder - Good for keeping your toothbrush clean and away from those infections lurking around the air
    • A good antiseptic mouthwash (chlorhexidine gluconate), although most surgeons will prescribe a couple of bottles of this.
    • Salt - As you would usually swill out your mouth with normal water, use salt water instead. This will help speed up healing
  • Personal:
    • Clean pjs - I never felt upto getting dressed. Make sure that you have thin enough pjs as most hospitals are incredibly warm!
    • Slippers - Personally I wore ted stockings for 2 weeks post-op, the nurses wouldn't let me out of bed without slippers on as these bad boys are incredibly slippy on wooden floor!
    • Tissues - You cannot buy enough boxes, you will dribble, make a mess with food, aswell as getting a runny nose!
    • A small mirror - I was adamant that I didn't need one but I was wrong. You won't be able to feel your mouth, cheeks, chin or even locate where your mouth is for a while after surgery, so the mirror came in handy when eating and just for noticing that drool trickling down your chin.
    • A notepad and pen - for when people can't understand what you're saying. Trust me, it will happen.
    • Jaw bra with ice - Provided by the hospital. Although personally I didn't put ice on my face once.
  • Other:
    • Magazines, phone, iPod, whatever to keep you entertained
    • A comforter, a teddy, your lucky underwear. Whatever works for you!

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