Thursday, 24 April 2014

1 year post-op: More Pictures!

Last month I hit the year post-op milestone and can honestly say the entire recovery and year in itself has flown by. I've been reluctant to post because there is nothing at all to say!
Jaw surgery has been and gone and recovery is well and truly done. Braces are off and i'm happy! It's lovely to be able to smile and see just teeth and not gums aswell, and even more amazing to be proud of your side profile! I still have numbness in my bottom lip/half of my chin and gums but nothing drastic enough to annoy me.

I can't believe looking back on my blog and the pictures in it how swollen I still was in places compared to now and there I was thinking that all my swelling had gone down! It just goes to show how long it really does take for your 'new' face to settle. (If you're new to the blog there are before/after photos below this post). Hopefully things will stay as good as they are now and I fingers crossed I don't bump into any problems with my screws in the future!

So heres to the brighter end of jaw surgery!