Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Date..

I haven’t posted on here for a while, as nothing new has happened. I’d still been going for regular check-up’s with my orthodontist, and I had still been waiting for my date. My next scheduled apt is for the 12th of March, 2013, and by now i’d come to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to have a date for the op anytime soon, and i’d probably have to wait until after university has finished in September to even think about having it done. However, as of yesterday (22nd February, 2013) I FINALLY got my date!
It took me by surprise, as it certainly wasn’t expected. I’d just finished nights at work and I received a phone call from an unknown number. It was the secretary of my surgeon, asking if i’d be happy to change surgeons, and if I was happy, then I had a date - the 28th March 2013!
I took it instantly, as I haven’t really bonded with my current surgeon - I’ve only met him once, I thought what the hell! Excitement took over me instantly and I told everybody I knew, and that knew I was expecting an operation. I think it took most people by shock, fear has set into myself and everybody by now - but atleast the ball is finally moving!

Currently have a range of dates over the next 3 weeks to get my surgical hooks fitted, and to meet my surgeon to finalise everything. I'll update some before photos soon, front view and side on, and keeping fingers tightly crossed it doesn’t get rescheduled for another day!