Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 65+ Grad Ball

So i've hit just past the 9 week mark, and over the weekend was my graduation ball. It was great to just dress up and spend it with some absolutely amazing people. It was also the first time i've properly sat down and eaten a full 3-course meal in public. Admittedly, with the array of wine glasses, napkins and what felt like a million knifes and forks, I thought It was slightly too formal for me, but I did do pretty well! I even went out for a carvery the next day!

One thing that I probably should say, is at the club after the after party, the bouncer was very reluctant to let me in. He took one look at my OLD passport photo and uttered the words 'Is that really you? Are you sure thats you?' - To which I replied, yep, i've had jaw surgery that's why I look so different. He accepted this and let me through - but definitely a sign that I need new ID!

Moving my jaw side to side is still not happening for me, however in the middle of the night I woke up half asleep and wiggled it, like a normal jaw and had full movement. I'm pretty sure I didn't dream this, but I can't do it awake, so i'm starting to think that maybe I did. I can also still only open my mouth 2 fingers width, and it doesn't seem to be growing.

Oh well, time will tell! Other than that, life in the jaw-world is pretty boring and normal!


  1. You look so good!!! I love that dress too!
    I noticed a lot of my jaw movement took a really long time to go back to normal. Only now am i finally noticing that i can wiggle it and move it like i could pre op.

    1. Thank you!!

      I'm glad that in enough time, you actually can move your jaw side to side! Something for me to look forward to atleast haha!


  2. You look soooo pretty in your dress, glad you had a great time and got a full meal.

    I still have limited side to side movement but only starting to test that boundary in the last week or two.