Sunday, 19 January 2014

10 months post op: Brace Free!

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting for surgery and then an added life-time to be officially 'post-op' I am FINALLY brace free.

I've just uploaded two quick pictures i've had since the de-bonding but will upload some proper before/after profile shots soon!

I'm onto the life of a retainer but thankfully I only have to wear that full time for 2 weeks, then I can drop down to wearing it at evenings and night times only.

Being brace free is amazing! And to anybody considering having jaw surgery - do it! The experience is life changing with truly amazing results!


  1. This is so exciting, you look so amazing and happy! The wait is just killing me haha

    1. It's all worth the wait in the end! I can't believe how long I had to wait and then it was over in a flash and i'm nearly a year post op! :) xx