Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day 0: Surgery day has Arrived!

Pain in Jaw: 6/10

Update before hospital: So the day of surgery has finally arrived and i'm feeling pretty good! I managed to have about 4 hours sleep last night which is alot more than I expected me to have, it's 05.45 at the moment and we plan on leaving in 45 minutes - it's mad to think that it's all finally taking that big step further! The day i've been waiting for has finally arrived! I haven't eaten since last night (as advised) and i'm already starving, but I may aswell get used to it as I'm pretty sure i'll be feeling hunger an awful lot after surgery! Family are currently eating their breakfast around me - weetabix have never looked so good!

Update in Hospital: So I got to the hospital about 07.15 and unfortunately James or my mum were not allowed to stay with me, this distressed me instantly but I soon calmed down, and before I knew it I was being wheeled to theatre. 

I can't actually remember much of the 'put to sleep' process, I remember being cannulated and the anaesthetist giving me some sedating drugs, asking how I was doing before putting an oxygen mask over my face - the next thing I knew I was waking up, my surgeons and the recovery nurse were telling me that my operation has finished and to take nice deep breaths.

Visually I can just recall a very blurry image of my surgeon smiling at me. Instantly my hands were all over my face, I tried pulling my oxygen mask off, I vaguely remember the nurse telling me to leave the mask on and that it was ok. She then told me that she'd leave it on because I will still very sleepy and my sats were pretty low, I remember waking up with a really flemmy and chesty cough. About half an hour later I perked up, although my mouth felt like sandpaper and I was totally bewildered as to what had happened, I was in my own little world just watching everybody else. I was desperate for a drink but didn't bother asking for one, i'm not sure why, I think I was scared as to how I was actually going to drink. Two hours later I was moved from recovery to my ward, and everything went downhill from here. The moment I got in my bed I had a wave of nausea and I vomited blood all over my sheets and gown. I was sick after this about 5 times, every moment I tried to take a drink or move it came straight back up. My nurse wouldn't let me out of bed because he was convinced I was going to pass out, I needed some ibuprofen but told the nurse that I would just throw it straight back up. In addition, all dignity was lost going to the toilet infront of a male sat on a commode, but I really didn't care. Soon after my family came to visit me and I was sick another 4 times - I can't really remember much after this other than three of my surgeons coming back around me because my nose had started to bleed, them giving me some anti-sickness, bandage on my nose and having an awful nights sleep.


  1. Wishing you lots of luck today, I'll be thinking of you. I am almost three weeks post op and I feel fantastic, you will be at this point in no time. Stay strong xx

  2. The surgery is probably over by now, and I'm hoping everything went really well and that you're feeling good (I know I felt pretty good with my IV of narcotic pain killers, haha). I'll say some prayers for a speedy if the recovery for this could ever be considered "speedy", but still :)

  3. Hey chick im home from work I just know everything went Great for you!!! Looking forward to your updates. Praying for a Safe quick recovery.Quick hmmmmmm... But still like ALLISON R. SAID LOL.

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  5. To my lovely Emma,

    I am so proud of you and I am so glad that everything went well. I cannot wait to see you next week.

    Thinking of you always! Love you xxx

  6. It's gunna be a rough couple of days. Take lots of painkillers and let the time pass. In one week you will feel great... Just gotta hurt for a bit now. Stay positive.

  7. It's gunna be a rough couple of days. Take lots of painkillers and let the time pass. In one week you will feel great... Just gotta hurt for a bit now. Stay positive.