Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Day (-1): Surgery tomorrow!

So the day has finally come, Surgery is tomorrow!

At the moment, i'm feeling quite excited - I woke up in this kiddy-excitement mood and it's stuck so far. I met with my surgeons today, they both just went through everything again and checked that my wafers fit (I did ask what they were used for, but if i'm honest I completely zoned out - from what I gather they're just a guide to put my jaws in their new position!) The plan is still to have maxillary impaction (move the top jaw upwards), mandibular advancement (move the bottom forwards) and depending on how my jaw sits in it's new position, they may do my chin too (genioplasty), however they did tell me that they usually do this at a later date just because of the swelling. They reminded me that i'd be in safe hands, they'd look after me, and advised me to have one last good meal, and they'd see me tomorrow morning!

I have FINALLY done a video which is below (Sorry about the thumbnail, it's not very attractive!) - but a couple of things I've missed off, post-op wise I've been told that it's strictly a liquid diet for the first 4 weeks, and then a soft diet upto the 6 week mark. I'll be tightly banded when I wake up, however there is a chance they may wire me together, depending on how stable my jaws are sitting afterwards - but that's a play it by ear scenario! I've also done some before photos, but i'll add them when I have some after photos to compare them to!

For now, I'm going to enjoy my Easter Egg, and wait for nerves to kick in! (I should probably pack my hospital bag somewhere in this too :P)

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