Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 1: Pain, Pain, Pain!

Pain in Jaw: 8/10
The Syringes i'm using to eat and drink

I awoke about 6am in a lot of pain in the side of my right cheek, radiating up my skull and into my temple. Luckily and somehow I managed to have quite abit to drink, a wheetabix for breakfast, along with some mash and gravy for dinner with a yogurt for afterwards. I thought I was doing pretty well until my surgeon added an extra band in my mouth, closing this gap completely in order to bring my teeth to 'bite together' as I couldn't do it voluntary. Although he said that I looked fantastic considering i'd just had major surgery. Eating soon became an extremely frustrating challenge, although I did manage some soup and a ensure drink for tea. The day just dragged in general, my family came again and told me that my results looked amazing, and I realised how much I couldn't have done this without them by my side. I also came out in a burning hot read blotchy rash on my chest and arms, the nurses just put this down to being allergic to my antibiotics. Medication wise, I was on IV co-amoxiclav 3x daily, diclofenac 3x daily, and could take ibuprofen and co-codamol upto 4x daily as required. I also began to brush my teeth using a baby toothbrush and toothpaste, although I didn't poke around too much. 

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