Sunday, 31 March 2013

Day 3: First post-op video!

Pain in Jaw: 5/10

Happy i'm Home!

Veg soup, syringe style!


  1. Oh man, accent + being banded, I cannot understand a word you are saying.

    But you look well for day 3! The time in hospital sounded very rough, but you are now over the worst of it. Take lots of pain meds and just sleep the days away, your body will bounce back and in 4 days you will be out and about and not regretting the surgery one bit.

    you look completely diff, btw- looks good.

  2. Haha Fraser, this made me laugh! It's strange because some people can understand me, where others look at me totally baffled. I think I might have a translator next vid. ;)

    I'm glad i'm over the worst of it, it is incredibly challenging but onwards and upwards - it can't get any worse I hope. :)

    Hope recovery is still treating you well! x