Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 4: Bruising and visits

Pain in Jaw: 6/10

Day 4 is the peak of the bruising, i've been using Arnica cream 2x daily on my face and neck to try and bring it out, and it has definitely worked!

I also woke up to the smell of a fry-up, not for me though unfortunately. I'm surprised I could smell it, as I can't seem to smell anything else.

Some of the besties, Dani and Dave came to see me today also, it was great to see them and made me feel normal, although halfway through the visit I had to take some co-codamol and this makes me abit spaced out! But atleast I don't feel cut off from the outside world! They also got me some little pretty gifts and some flowers, just the little things that get you through and remind you that you're loved! :)
Easter for me! Melted chocolate in a syringe!

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