Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 8: Itchy-ness and dreaming

Pain in Jaw: 3/10

So day 8 brings me both a relieved yet annoying sensation at the same time...

As the nerves start to wake up and kick back into action, you get a range of weird sensations throughout your skin - it may be a little too soon just yet, but itching has become one of them. I'm sure JS undergoers would agree that when you're face is numb, attempting to itch it is impossible. I can't even feel where the itch is! But I guess I shouldn't moan if my nerves are waking up right? :)

Today is my first full day so far without taking any pain meds! I still ache alot, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was last week. I've been trying to reduce the amount of codeine i'm taking because i'm scared i'll get addicted and it's making me dream a hell of a lot - the other night I dreamt I walked into a kitchen, it had a big range stove and on this stove was beef, pork, turkey and duck with all the trimmings including yorkshire puddings! You can imagine my horror when I woke up.

My energy levels remain high, and i'm still happy! I even braved a walk around the garden today although I don't like the wind on my face. Vicky and Jordan also came to see me which was lovely, they brought me lots of little gifts inside a box which i'm allowed to open when I feel certain emotions, like fed up or frustrated, etc.. very cute! I've also begun to get my appetite back, I actually feel hungry the first time since surgery, although I don't know why my stomach is growling as it can still have only liquid!

If there's one thing i've learnt from having jaw surgery so far, it's that i'm never going to worry about my weight again (okay maybe that's a lie, but i'm certainly going to enjoy my food more) and that friends and family, they spoil you lots!

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