Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 24: The move back home

Pain in Jaw: 2/10
So today I packed up my things at my parents house, and headed back down to my own place. Tomorrow is the first day back at uni, and although i'm really excited to see the girls and to get back to normality - i'm absolutely dreading it! I know that during lecture (thankfully only 2 hours long), i'm going to start dribbling, or get a surge of pain - or worse, hunger! (How do you deal with THAT out of the comforts of your home)!

I'm also heading out to a club tomorrow night, dressed as a smurf... Not the best  idea i've had in a while and certainly wouldn't be approved in the eyes of my surgeon; however it's a cohort thing - the last ever thing we do together  as a whole cohort before we qualify. I'm not drinking/wearing heals or risking anything happening to my face in anyway shape or form - i'm just going to show my face and that's all.

Today started as the worst day ever, I woke up with a really bad sore throat. As I do every morning, as I have done since surgery (It usually wakes me in the night), normally I have a drink and something to eat and it goes. Today was different, it was painful and it was one side. I opened my mouth as far as I could to have a look and I noticed a load of ulcers on the one side; at this point i'd had enough. I felt crap last night anyway, and today I felt worse. I had a few tears, along with a few 'Sick of being in pain...sick of not eating...sick of being uncomfortable 24/7' - your usual moans when you've just had jaw surgery, had some pain meds and thankfully the pain became manageable and it turned into a pretty decent day.

One thing i've done today is actually locate 4 screws in my top jaw; two either side of my nose, and two just abit further from my nose. They're not painful to touch, they just send weird sensations up my face! Now just to locate the bottom jaw and chin!


  1. Good luck with going to school tomorrow! My advice is to take it easy and to not walk as fast as you normally would if you need to go to more than one class in a certain period of time. I took my time and I was really thankful I did.

    I'm sorry to hear about your sore throat. I've been there and it's definitely frustrating to be sick while going through recovery. I'm glad things got better during the day.

    And have fun with your little outing!

  2. Welcome back to normality, it's a wonderful place. I am in my second week back at Uni and it really helps you forget about surgery, pain, food etc. Just being around your friends and having essays (ugh) to focus on is medicine in itself. Hope it all goes well for you. You're almost at week SIX xx