Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day 27: X-rays and surgeon visit

Pain in Jaw: 4/10 (Surgeon has been messing about with my jaw)

So yesterday I was having my usual generic conversation with James; 'Am I still swollen? Where am I swollen? Does it look good? Am I going to look like this forever?' To which he replied, yes you are, you're swollen everywhere and realistically it's probably going to take a while to go, and no you won't look like that forever, your face is changing all the time, but you look amazing.'

I'm finding it so hard to 'like' my new face. I mean, I like it, but I miss my old face? I long for my old face, I feel like that old face has died and is never coming back again. Well lets be honest, it is never coming back again, and I feel like i've lost something really important. (Well it was important, it was my face!) This is Emma version 2.0 - I'm still swollen, I'm amazed by the results but my face is changing everyday, meaning everyday I have to get used to a new face, and I'm finding that incredibly hard. I love my side profile now, but I think I don't like it from the front yet, because i'm used to gummy-ness and I don't feel like i'm showing enough teeth, when in reality, I am showing the perfect amount. I'm just not used to it. I think this is combined with my lack of patience to see the no-swollen, full on functioning, smiley, new me.

James said the best thing ever to me yesterday which I keep reminding myself of...

"Your old face was 21 years old. You've grown up with that face for the past 21 years. Your new face, is only 4 weeks old. You've only gotten used to it for 4 weeks, it's going to take time."

...when you think of it, he actually has a really good point.

Today I saw my surgeon and orthodontist again. Bless them, I love how excited they always get to see me and to see their handiwork really. They're both still really impressed with the results and said that in the week from when they last saw me, my bite has already improved, i've got to continue wearing the bands as they are for the next couple of weeks. I also had x-rays done (they're below), there's no signs of infection around the screws or my incision sites (touch wood) and my surgeon said the pain i'm experiencing in my chin is probably the nerves firing up again. I also got them to debate against each other, they both complimented each other what an amazing job each other had done in terms of getting my teeth ready for surgery AND the surgery itself - until I reminded them that it was a team effort and they'd both done an amazing job!

My surgeon doesn't want me chewing or using my jaw too much until the 8 week mark. I think he's old school as I always classed recovery as the 6-week mark; I nearly fell of my chair when he said 8 weeks, but atleast i'm halfway there now and the worst part is definitely over. Swelling has still got abit to go, and the nerves could take around 90 days to wake up fully. He also gave me the all clear to finally sleep in a bed, however i've still got to be slightly elevated. I'm abit fearful of rolling onto my side but he said that it would be ok, I guess if I don't do it now i'll always be afraid of sleeping.

Anyway; here are my movements
Impaction: 6mm
Mandibular advancement with genioplasty: 5mm (He did describe how he moved my jaw and chin to avoid moving my top jaw forwards but I didn't really understand what he was saying - other than it was a 5mm movement).

Before is on the right, after is on the left.


  1. Wow! I can definitely see a difference in your teeth with your xray! I'm jealous you actually have a copy of yours. I had taken an x-ray about two days after my surgery or so and I was so dizzy and grumpy I didn't care. You look great and your swelling has gone down so I think you'll get there one day! (:

    1. I have been so excited to see an x-ray, I took my camera to every appointment and when he finally told me I could have one I nearly jumped up and down with joy! :P I think if he did it a couple of days post-op I wouldn't have cared either!

      I don't know how you managed an x-ray so close post op either, well done to you! I felt sorry for myself afterwards and it's 4 weeks post op! Especially having to bite on that stupid thing and rest my chin on something. Talk about pain! :P

  2. I can't wait to see my x-rays after getting my surgery! I've got to have the same thing but without the genioplasty. I'm stupidly excited and I've been reading every blog I can find.
    I love how you can see your kirby grips on your old x-ray.
    I really hope that my surgery goes even half as well as yours. You look amazing!

    1. Hey Becci :)
      Good luck with your surgery! I'm sure it will go smoothly. Do you have a date yet? I can't believe how quick my date came and how quick recovery has passed! I still can't believe it's all been and gone sometimes! The grips in my hair really scared me at first haha, I didn't realise what they were and I thought I had something lodged in my brain! :P