Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 18: A regular update

Pain in Jaw: 1/10

So there is nothing new to report, other than half of my bottom lip has suddenly become numb again. I'm pretty sure that as the days progress numbness is supposed to lessen - but not in this case! But hey, we all know how much of a long process recovery from jaw surgery is, so i'm not getting too puzzled by it just yet.

I headed into uni today and I actually managed a good few solid hours of work. I also got to see one of my girls Annabel, it was really lovely to see her and to catch up with her! (She even understood my muffled talking which is pretty good considering at the start of university she couldn't understand my accent, without added jaw surgery ontop of that :P) So I must be doing something right!

Pain is becoming less and less during the day which is good, it's just night times that it peaks and I usually have to take some meds to calm it down, although it did ache alot during today but that's probably because my increase of talking.

Slowly starting to learn to smile properly again. At the moment it looks abit too clown like and scary, and it makes my nose look fatter because of the swelling, but it's a working progress.

Swelling is slowly coming down. I mean, it's come down a hell of alot since a couple of days post-op but the last bits are taking forever, but again, slow process. The swelling is mainly in my cheeks and to the side of my nose, my lips and either side of my mouth - if you didn't know me you'd just think I had a fatter face. If i'm completely honest, through excitement to see the final results i'm becoming incredibly impatient. :P


  1. Just a quick question - can you tell us what your movements were? I'm sure you've said this in your blog before but I'm having trouble finding it. :)

    1. Hey! Of course:
      Top jaw was moved upwards by 6mm, ideally it needed an 8mm impaction to get what would be classed as a 'normal smile' but my surgeon said that this was too big of a move and in the long run would look alot worse and would become more gummy.(A move of 10mm or more is very common to relapse too, and 8 was too close to this.) In all honesty theres a big improvement and when I smile i'm showing just teeth rather than my whole gum line too, so i'm happy! :)
      I don't know how much my bottom was moved forward by, I see my otho again tomorrow and surgeon next week so I will find out for you! :)

      Another thing I forgot to add, with impaction they have to do alot of work in your nose. For me personally I had alot of soft tissue and turbinates removed and my surgeon was pretty worried about the outcome of my nose following it, although it seems to have been just the right amount as we're both pleased with the new result. But again, that extra little bit of impaction could have made this worse!

  2. My projected movement is up by 6mm but I've also been told this will affect the nose but there are things a good surgeon can do to minimise this... might be the same thing your surgeon did, who knows! I was also told that if they move my jaw up too far and cover too much gum, I'll look older than I should as I age. So many little things!
    You got a genio right? Are you glad?
    Thanks for answering all my questions :) If your results are anything to by, everything will be fine.

    1. That's okay! Anyway that I can help! :) I do think 6mm is a good movement, as if you measure your gums it's probably taken away all that gummyness already - that's what I did!

      From reading alot of blogs impaction usually turns your nose end up very slightly and flares your nostrils out - which is what's happened with my nose but I do think it looks alot better than my old nose!

      I was told about the aging thing too if they impacted too much, as it would appear to squash your face more. It's amazing what all these little changes can do but i'm glad they know what they're doing!

      I got genio too. My surgeon was against it at first, and said that he would do it at a later date if I really wanted it done, as there is already enough trauma to the jaw happening during surgery - but he did say he would see how things looked in theatre and play it by ear as to if I desperately needed it. But I did have it done and i'm glad he did choose to do it, as my side profile looks incredible now. I try to imagine it if I didn't have genio done and I don't think it would have looked as good!


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