Saturday, 20 April 2013

Day 23: A normal day

Pain in Jaw: 3/10

So today was the first bit of 'decent' sun we've had here in England and my plan was to go and feed some ducks and to walk around the lake. As soon as I stepped outside however, I became incredibly cold despite it being absolutely boiling outside, I got a raging headache, became tired and weak and I just felt like pants. Ruining all my plans as per jaw surgery! Instead I stayed tucked up on the sofa under a duvet, i'm going to watch Britains got talent and eat my chocolate in very small pieces.

As you can see by my daily mugshot also, my smile is gradually improving. Still swollen and numb which makes it difficult to smile but no more gummy-ness is amazing, and it's progress from 3 weeks ago when I looked miserable as ever! I can't wait to watch it develop even more over the next couple of weeks.

Pain has settled down again, although i'm having to take pain medication during the day again now. I also attempted to put make up on this evening (as i'm going out on Monday and thought I better try it before then). It failed, big style. My face is too numb and too sore to go around blending in all that stuff just yet, and because of my increase in dead skin flakey-ness, it just pealed off. It looked disgusting.

Another disgusting thing I did just recently was google and YouTube the jaw surgery and genio procedure, and I don't mean before and after pictures, I mean the actual procedure. Usually i'm well into all this blood and gore and find it quite interesting, however I had to close the page, it knocked me abit sicky and I don't want to be reminded of whats actually happened in my face merely 3 weeks-ish ago! My mums exact words were 'No wonder you're in discomfort Emma, Look at that, that just doesn't heal and go away overnight' - Fair point well made!


  1. Your pictures are looking great! I'm sorry to hear about your jaw spasms in the last post, as I haven't had issues with that, although that might be because I don't have to have bands in.

    Going outside scared me when I first decided to actually see the sun, as I had been stuck in bed for a while. I was incredibly dizzy and I didn't want to look at people but I think it gets easier and easier if you just work up to it.

    I refuse to put my makeup right now, as I usually don't wear a lot of makeup even I do wear it (just eyeliner) and I can barely even feel right below my eyes anyway. The peeling of the skin annoyed the crap out of me too, as it peeled a lot after my first, real shower. I think once the swelling goes even more, so does the dry skin.

    Oh man! I thought about doing that but I couldn't even try to do that. On Friday at my regular visit the doctor was trying to fix the wire that was bothering me and managed to pull my face a lot and I was thinking 'if this is what he does when I'm awake, I wonder how bad they stretched my mouth open while I was asleep.' *shutters*

    1. Thank you! Enjoy being spasm free while it lasts! :P

      I haven't attempted any eye make up for the same reason, being so numb!

      I wouldn't advise looking at any pictures! I always think surgeons are quite rough in theatres! :P Hope you're okay! x

  2. It's great to see you smiling, as time goes on you won't be able to stop. You're looking great. Don't worry about the make up x

    1. Thank you! Roll on 6 weeks ay? :P xx