Thursday, 18 April 2013

Day 21: Three weeks, another video

Pain in Jaw: 2/10
Three weeks, where is the time going? I class full 'eating' recovery and majority of the swelling going down at at 6 weeks. So i'm half way there. Keep going, keep going...

I love the past tense right now. How nice is it to write this...
I'm having jaw surgery
I've HAD jaw surgery
I have a class 2 malocclusion
I HAD a class 2 malocclusion

When I was waiting for my surgery date, all those many months ago, today felt like a distant dream. I still can't believe it has finally happened, this 'big' thing that was putting a massive stopper on my life has been and gone. It's quite amazing.

However, (there is always a however) ; one of my fellow jaw-surgery goers is having a hard time right now and I really do feel her pain. Jaw surgery isn't your friend - it's going to challenge you in every way possible, whether that's with the foods you eat, the pains you feel, or just general self feelings - you're low on energy constantly, dizzy, congested and it drains you dry in every aspect of your life. The only 'friend' you have with jaw surgery is the FINAL results; and that's a while away yet. Anyways, visit her blog and cheer her up !

Enough talking, here is another video. Incase you still can't understand me, I summed it up below...

  • Orthodontic Visit: Hurt like hell. Still have two bands either side however they're tighter providing more resistance. He also took out some of my surgical hooks I didn't need, replaced my bottom wire with a softer one and repaired one of my brackets. He said that the results are looking great, and teeth positioning is 'spot on!'
  • Swelling: Is going away slowly, it's mainly in the areas of my cheeks, my nose and eitherside of my mouth. There is also a little bit under my chin.
  • Numbness: Still completely numb in the areas where my swelling is worst; my cheeks and my chin. I can feel half of my bottom lip and the majority of my top lip.
  • Pain: I don't take pain meds anymore during the day, just at night when the pain peaks.
  • Diet: Still soft, strictly no chewing. However can eat quite a few foods and just 'mash up' using my tongue  Only difficulty is trying to fit a spoon and food into a very small gap! (Can only open my mouth 1 fingers width.)
  • General Self: Feeling very weak and getting incredibly dizzy, but all is good!


  1. Hey! (:

    Sounds like your recovery is slowly but surely getting there! It's amazing to think that you have bands on and you can barely open your mouth! I 'think' I'm getting my bands on tomorrow morning which is scary to think but I think it'll make my results come a little faster. I'm happy to hear your teeth are lined up! As for the swelling . . . I think I can understand that. I think swelling is just something we all have to wait for, for a while. As for the numbness . . . sounds like things are going well! I think I'm getting used to numbness myself and I'm very happy to hear that your pain is so low. (: The diet . . . aw man. I'm sorry that you can't open your mouth that far. I was talking to my lovely brother today and I was thinking about when everything's all finished, how weird it'll feel to eat with a new bite! Woo!

    I also love what you said at the top of the post about saying things in the past tense. (: I remember way back when, when I was like 12 or something talking to an 'ex' friend about getting this surgery and that day came and past. She also promised to be there for me when the surgery happened, needless to say she wasn't but today she finally asked me how I was. Anyway, enough of my blubbering. I am truly awed and inspired that you're so good at staying so optimistic. Props to you! (:

  2. You're doing so well and looking awesome xx