Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 25 & 26: Back to Normality

Pain in Jaw: 2/10
So i'm combining both days into 1 post. Yesterday was my first day back at university; thankfully it was only a 2 hour lecture and it didn't last the two hours as my level of concentration was pretty low, but it was good to be back!

People responded to my face in a very positive way; even people that I wasn't necessarily close to took the time to come over and said that the changes were amazing, which then followed with your usual lot questions. But it got me talking and communicating moreso than usual which was nice!

I'm slowly getting used to my face. I still think it looks very square and i'm not sure if thats the swelling or what. I hope it shapes up a little more. I know that after jaw surgery you shouldn't worry about your appearance until atleast 6 months; but it's hard not to!
I also went out on a Bar Crawl last night with my cohort dressed as smurfs, in all fairness it was a really good night out and i'm glad I went - I was pretty petrified of it being too busy and people knocking me but once I was in there I didn't mind so much. I left at 1am when it got abit too busy. Thankfully nobody physically knocked my jaw although I had two extremely close encounters. One girl through her arm out and nearly punched me in my face (literally she was an inch away), and the second 'close encounter' was when I was leaving a club. Some guy grabbed my hand and pulled me to him, said something to me and then went to full on grab my face. Oh my god did alarm bells start to ring! Luckily though I caught his hand just as he skimmed my face before he could do much damage and just said 'not my face' - my friend shot him an evil look and he looked abit confused but he got the picture and let go.. and then I went home. On the way home funnily enough Dani asked me if I wanted some chips from the kebab shop - boy would I have loved some! :P


  1. Oh wow - you look so good. Your face looks nicely balanced to me, not too square at all but I can see a tiny bit of swelling. I think you'll love your results in a few months time.
    I've read it can take up to one year for the fine features to return. It seems to be a slow process but I'm sure it's worth it.
    Take care!

    1. Thank you Chloe!
      I guess people notice changes to their own face moreso than other people. I am incredibly impressed with the new results and can't wait to be completely swollen free. Understandably I miss my old face at times too :P It's weird seeing no gummy-ness, when you're used to something I guess it's weird when it's changed so dramatically! :P