Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Day 6: A Band disaster!

Pain in Jaw: 3/10

So i've decided that if possible, i'm going to blog everyday, just so that in the future I have a daily record of what I went through, so apologies if I begin to get annoying with pointless posts! :)

Since surgery i've had 3 bands on, two either side squared around a couple of teeth, and one directly in the middle which are firmly holding my mouth closed, and preventing me from wiggling my jaw too much.

Much to my horror, I snapped the band on the left side this morning while I was brushing my teeth, I watched it fall out of my mouth and go down the plug hole, and I was petrified! I felt like all support had totally gone from my jaw, and it was about to break free. My mum called my surgeons secretary (I don't even attempt at phone calls) and within half an hour, I was at the hospital getting it replaced.

It was quite comical being at hospital because people kept staring at me - it doesn't help that bruising is at it's peak, taking up most of my face, my entire neck and chest. It's funny watching children look at me, wondering what the hell has happened to my face! Some woman asked if i'd been in a car accident, I don't think she could understand me when I told her i'd had jaw surgery.

It's the orthodontics first time seeing me since surgery, and he was incredibly pleased and happy with the result, he said how amazing the changes had been so far and he couldn't wait for all the swelling to go down completely so that we could see the finished result. He also told me that when I see my surgeon next week, fingers crossed they'd take the middle band out - and they'd start to get me changing them myself.

Pain has now set in since having the new band put on, but I guess it's just down to the new resistance.
I can't believe it's nearly a week since surgery, and I still can't get over that this massive thing i've waited years for has finally happened, and that i'm no longer waiting for a date - i'm simply waiting to fully recover, and that's a nice thing to wait for. :)


  1. Full recovery that is a great thing!!! Btw chick did you get my email? I was glad that when I had my rubberbands on I could take them off myself and place them bk on when needed. Did your dr tell you how long does it take for full100% recovery?

  2. Hey Kristie, I haven't had another email but i've just sent you one :) My surgeons have never given me a full recovery time, they've just told me to take it day by day as everybody is different and different things can change the recovery process, although I know people have touched on 3 months for a full recovery for your bones to fuse together and energy to return to normal etc. x

  3. Did they only replace the one band? You would think that they all lose a bit of strength as time goes on, and would all be replaced at once (my surgeon always says if one breaks replace them all).

    Either way, sounds like an opportunity for some pain meds and ice (yay..).

    1. Yep only the one :( I did say exactly the same thing that surely they're all on their way to snapping, but he said he'd leave it for my surgeon to do early next week!

      I can't wait until I can change them myself!

  4. I'd love to ask you some questions. I am in day 4 of post op. Did you find there was a lot of blood clotting in your nose. Any problems with tongue muscle? I woke up and when I tried to swallow today I felt like I almost broke my tongue off.

    1. Yes I had alot of blood clots in my nose! Straight out of theatre I had a massive nose bleed so they had to pack and bandage my nose. I was then told not to blow my nose. But I found using cotton buds soaked in warm water was useful cleaning out all of the clots (some of the things that came out were gross though! But once they were clean it was nice to actually be able to breathe :) ). As for tongue muscle, I can't say I had any problems if i'm honest!