Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 22: Spasms, pain and relapse

Pain in Jaw: 4/10
So over the past few days i've been getting atleast one jaw spasm a day, today they're getting more frequent and happen on both sides of my jaw now. They're not painful in anyway, they're just so uncomfortable! It's like nails on a chalkboard when it happens, it really makes my hairs stand on edge and sends shivers through my body! Unfortunately jaw spasms can't be prevented and are an inevitable part of recovery, and occur most often when you're banded. Apparently though, they gradually get less around week 4/5.

Another thing that has been happening, is my pain is jumping all over the place. For the first 2 weeks I was taking pain meds around the clock, into my 3rd week I managed to reduce them to evenings and night times, now all of a sudden the pain has jumped again, and it's all in the chin. Either side of my chin and right across where I imagine my surgeon did my genio - i'm not sure if this level of pain again is normal, or it's normal to suddenly develop pain - it may be a case of i'm feeling it more now my nerves are waking up. I'm just preying it's not something more severe, like infection (It's almost a burning and pulsating pain which is what worries me, my ortho advised me to get it checked out by my surgeon if it doesn't decrease in the next couple of days - If you've had genioplasty, PLEASE give me some insight!)

I also found a guys page today who had similar surgery to myself; and unfortunately for him his bottom jaw relapsed immediately after surgery meaning he had to have a second surgery. Following this, I did some research and I found this;
  • Changes of relapse is higher and common in patients who have been 'wired' together, as this method is unstable, relapse usually occurs because of some muscle pull - the reasoning behind why most surgeons today prefer a rigid fixation of plates and screws. (When I changed surgeons and he told me he wouldn't wire me together, instead he would use screws, I was against it, however now i'm pretty glad as I couldn't have coped being completely wired together for 6 weeks!).
  • Distance of advancement, rotation of jaws and bone quality all influence the risk of relapse. Some surgeons argue that an advancement of 7-10mm is at higher risk of relapse.
Fingers crossed, my new best friends Mr. Plates and Mr. Screws hold my jaw into their new position, as I really don't want future jaw surgery! I guess we're never truly out of the woods!


  1. Hey Emma, hope you're holding up. I had genioplasty as well if it helps. I'm day 23 now and going through something similar to you. The past 2 days I'd reduced my pain meds to the evenings only and then today, my whole face hurts, in far different places than before. Earlier, it was more of a throbbing in my upper cheeks, on both sides. Now, it's all over in random places. My chin has started kind of burning last night but it had gone by this morning. It's not as severe as what you describe so you should def get it checked out if it continues. Saying that, my surgeon was fairly certain that if I had an infection, I'd be in no doubt that I had it i.e. it would be that sore. Hope it gets better tomorrow ...are you doing jaw exercises yet ? I'm having a really tough time trying to wedge my jaw open more than a fingers worth.


    1. Hey! It seems like we are experiencing very similar pains which is a relief, mine always seems to have gone by the morning but by the evenings it's come back again! Maybe a whole day of attempting to eat or talk just tires it out a little?? I'm glad your surgeon told you that regarding infection, I assume we'd get a fever with it too, especially if its around the screws and I've had no other symptoms so maybe it is that i'm not used to pain again! I haven't started jaw exercises as yet, I see my surgeon again next week and I have a feeling he may get me to start then but I'm really not looking forward to it - I can only open my mouth a fingers worth too, but this is normal. I do try and stretch it abit more sometimes, it just feels it's pulling too much at the back of my teeth and in my brace so I end up just leaving it - plus I don't want to cause extra damage!
      Hope you're still holding up!! xx