Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day 5: An update

Pain in Jaw: 6/10

Currently 5 days post-op, trying to get as many things down as I can before I forget them!

Feeling quite good, (so much better since being out of hospital) although the food situations make me feel abit dismal everytime I attempt to eat. The other night I managed to have some blended mash and peas and they were pretty vile, although a chat with the boyfriend soon got me back into high spirits. I keep dreaming about food, but this is because i'm craving it so much, I will never take food for granted again - but seriously, if anyone can suggest any substantial food ideas, send them over!

I also cleaned out my nose, this may seem like the smallest thing ever, but to me it was a massive milestone. I was genuinely so happy it was clean and I could vaguely breathe, not to mention it wasn't dripping gunk and other blood products everywhere! I was pretty surprised what came out of it, definitely not something for the faint hearted.

I'm also managing quite alot of sleep at night - 10 hours of sleep (YES!) I usually wake up for painkillers, antibiotics and a drink, but soon fall back to sleep! Sleeping upright isn't as bad as I thought it would be!

All in all, feeling pretty good at the moment!


  1. Hey chick I email ya back hope ya got it. But I also ate mash potatoes,grits,lots of chicken and beef broth, I never blended anything because I just thought that would have been awful lol. You are looking good hun. TTYL

  2. For ideas on eating, well . . . I don't know how much of a big difference double jaw surgery is from just having one moved (as that's what I got) but I also had a bone graft done and had a fistula closed during this surgery and so far I've eaten anything from: mashed potatoes and gravy or just mashed potatoes by themselves, mashed up macaroni and cheese (I did this yesterday and it actually worked really well!), grits, soups, yogurt, apple sauce, and some jello. I also drink a lot of juices and Gatorade and not to mention, 7-UP or Sprite for my stupid stomach.

    I have this pretty good blender but I'm also nervous to blend things up, but I'm sure if that's what you want, it might okay.

    1. It sounds like our diets have been pretty much the same! My blender has been a godsend, although I only use it when soup/mash etc is too thick to put down the syringe!