Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Surgical Hooks On!

So just got back from having even more impressions and my  hooks put on, surgery is still go ahead on the 28th of March (providing there's no emergencies between now and then). I've got another appointment this Friday to meet my surgeon again,- to make sure I'm happy with everything they're going to do, and a final appointment on the 19th of March to get my wafer fit (some people call it a splint), and to sign consent forms!
The hooks are sitting well at the moment, I had visions of them tearing my gums up like the braces did, but I guess they're already pre-hardened to it now. They're just relatively annoying, and I can certainly feel that they're there! (Especially when my lip keeps getting stuck on them!) I've just been told to keep an eye on them, some movement is fine but they don't want them snapping off before surgery. From what i've been told, the hooks are used as a guide when they detatch your jaw, and to then lock them together while they plate and screw my jaw into the new place!

Surgery wise I feel OK! My moods do keep changing from excitement to nerves, but I guess this is normal. I just can't get my head around by how fast the surgery has come around. I'm more annoyed at the fact that I know i've got alot of post-op work to have done still. Before braces I had a broken tooth capped, and from having the braces, the force and movement has caused abit of nerve damage on the tooth under the cap, making it appear shorter than usual (you should be able to see it on the photo), so this will have to be replaced once all the braces are off! Although my family keep on telling me that it doesn't look nearly as bad as it does on the photos i've taken.
Compared to some people, I don't feel all that prepared - the most i've bought is a baby toothbrush and some tissues, but that's about it! So if somebody can give me a kick up the bum and tell me what to buy, that'd be great! Else i'll be panic buying in Asda the morning of my op!

I'll upload some 'proper' before and after pictures soon, and blog again on Friday!

Update: Just ate tea, food stuck in braces was bad enough, without the added drama of hooks too! :P


  1. Time is ticking chick!!! Go to my blog and see pic of stuff I bought loaded up on lol. Tissue you are definitely going to need loads of that!! Chapstick, liquid vitamins I did B complex and liquid Vitamin D3 with calcium. Broths and soups and water.Humidifier to help you breathe.

  2. So far the things I have found necessary are Vaseline (LOTS OF IT), my lips are very dry and I'd be lost without it. I've gone through a box of tissues already. The baby spoons are fantastic, I'm lucky enough to have enough movement to use them. I've found positioning myself a little difficult and found a neck pillow (like the ones for flying) very helpful in stopping me from rolling onto my side which causes a little pain. Food wise I've eaten yogurt, ice-cream, soup, baby squeeze fruit and lots and lots of water. Hope this helps :)

  3. Thanks for both of your replies! Managed to go shopping today and I can say that i'm a tad more prepared now than I was the other day! Just a few other bits to get! Did any of you get any creams for your face, just for general repair? I've got some arnica for the swelling and bruising, but I have visions of my face going really dry and flakey! Did either of you experience this? x

  4. I am very dry in the corner of my lips and the skin surrounding it but haven't experienced any major dry skin. Just using a normal face creams that I always used. x

  5. Hi Emma
    I am due to have surgery on 12th Nov, originally they were talking about moving my lower jaw forward but now also want to move my upper jaw too. Lower forward by 6mm & upper jaw up by 2mm. How far did jour lower jaw come forward?
    I am finding your blog really helpful, I am most worried about the numbness & hope not to be 1 in 10 that can have permanent numbness.
    How are you feeling now? x
    Louise J

    1. Hey Louise!

      Sorry for the late reply! How exciting that you are having surgery soon! My upper jaw was moved upwards (the impaction) by 6mm, and a 5mm advancement with my lower jaw being moved forward with my chin too! I'm glad you're finding my blog helpful!

      As for the numbness, don't worry! I was petrified before my op that i'd have perm numbness, even to the point sometimes that I was going to back out of surgery. I had visions that i'd never be able to smile and i'd dribble all of the times (Honestly my surgeon laughed at me when I told him)! I've just passed the 6 month post-op milestone and I do still have some numbness in my lower lip and parts of my chin which i've accepted aren't coming back - but it really doesn't bother me or hinder my life at all! The numbness initially post-op is all over your face but as the weeks pass feeling starts to return and by the time you're 6 month post op, you won't care how much of your face has remained numb! :) So try not to worry too much, it does sound alot worse than it is :)

      And overall I feel great! I'm really happy with my results and I can't believe i'm 6 months the otherside already! It feels like such a distant memory as it will for you very soon! You will have to make sure you keep me upto date with your recovery :) xx